Ciarán Walsh

Vortices - 0
Vortices - 1
Vortices - 2
20 EUR

Novella, English, 96 pages
Risograph print, monochrome with colour cover,  blue 'Swiss Brochure' binding
Limited numbered edition (100), 2016

Taking the form of the paper-back book to create an immersive, durational artwork, the novella remixes the biography of French caver and chronobiologist Michel Siffre, the mythology of science-fiction and space exploration, and concepts around museology and post-colonial theory, to both remap the notional space of the Museum and reflect on Stanislaw Lem's inner-/outer-space dichotomy. 

In Vortices, the unnamed narrator recounts his time working with the Subject, the only participant of an extreme sleep experiment in preparation for the first manned mission to Mars.  Punctuated by uncanny geographies, out of body experiences, and rumours of political intrigue, the narrator's account unfolds with increasing doubt and confusion.