Ciarán Walsh

Vortices - 0
Vortices - 1
Vortices - 2
18 EUR

Novella, English-language, 96 pages, 2016
Risograph print, b&w with colour cover
Limited numbered edition  of 100

An artwork in the form of a paper-back novella, this short piece of fiction vibrantly remixes the biography of French caver and chronobiologist Michel Siffre, the mythological moods of science-fiction, and aspects of museum and post-colonial theory.

In Vortices, an unnamed narrator – an institutional therapist – recounts his time working with "the Subject", following his participation in an extreme sleep experiment in preparation for the first manned mission to Mars.  Wading through a jungle of unreliable narration, uncanny and supernatural episodes, and rumours of political intrigue, the narrator's own account unfolds with increasing doubt and confusion.