Ciarán Walsh

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The Sickness, Book One
10 EUR

Novella, English-language, 120 pages, 2017
Digital offset print, b&w

The Sickness, Book One is a work of dystopian fiction by Berlin-based artist Ciarán Walsh. Set in a near-future world troubled by a mysterious pandemic and experiencing a near-total ban on public discussion of the topic, the short piece of fiction explores psychological, sociological and philosophical themes. 

The narrative concerns itself with the story of Alex Madden, an actor whose productions are haunted by the ghost of his younger brother. Madden flees through the pages of the book, scrambling for answers, attempting to piece together a personal history, and pursued by the idea of his brother's ghost.

The Sickness, Book One is published by TFGC Publishing, (Berlin/Düsseldorf, Germany), and was initially commissioned for the exhibition "Into the Mu" at Kunsthalle Bratislava (Slovakia), curated by Elisa Rusca.